Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Martin Camp Responds

Jim Martin's resident chief idiot, campaign manager Ellery Gould has responded to my report of his FEC violation on his blog. He claims that Jim sent in his report on time by the July 3rd deadline.

How come Dale Cardwell, Rand Knight, Josh Lanier, and Saxby Chambliss didn't seem to get caught in the same mess you did?

Well, keep up the good work Mr. Gould. I'm still surprised how Martin made the runoff and no doubt it had nothing to do with your work on the campaign. Maybe you ought to go back to Washington...
Gould on right: "Aww shucks, I'm a lowly press officer for a nobody Congressman, maybe I can run a Senate campaign!"

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GeorgiaValues said...

Yet another example of just how poorly this campaign is being run by Washington outsiders...skip the FEC filing to try to hide dismal fundraising numbers, then blame the FEC when they come looking for their report. It is no wonder Vernon Jones won on Tuesday.